Design Details for Health
Making the Most of Interior Design's Healing Potential


Imagine a hospital where patients wear street clothes, where physicians and nurses must have permission to enter the patient room, and where care partners "live" with patients as they are educated in healing choices. Imagine a housing complex that guarantees that no one will ever have to live in a health care facility; no one will be institutionalized or be moved along a continuum to independent, assisted, or skilled care. Imagine a center for healing with an emphasis on wellness rather than illness, prevention rather than treatment, self-care rather than service provision. These models are no longer figments of the imagination. These hospitals of the future exist today in select demonstration projects that empower patients to take responsibility for their own health, hygiene, medications, and nutrition.

U.S. health care institutions are over built. Patient care protocols are staff intensive. Patient outcomes are suffering. We offer the poorest quality health care of the top ten western industrialized nations (measured by longevity, patient satisfaction with care and infant mortality). We also spend more dollars per capita on health care than any other industrialized country. Managed care has inherited these problems and is positioning for change. They are searching for entirely different solutions, better health care models that improve patient outcomes, lower liability, and reduce costs. The purpose of this book is to offer specific design detail which will improve patient outcomes by returning authority to the patient. Case studies will be offered which reduce liability by leaving the responsibility with the patient. Finally, research will be presented proving that self-care can reduce costs as patients take responsibility for their health while reliance on staff decreases.

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Beautiful Barrier Free:
A Visual Guide to Accessibility
Cynthia A. Leibrock
(Winner of the Polsky Prize for Literature)

Beautiful Barrier Free provides a large choice of visually exciting design options from accessible space planning to product specification. It is enhanced by nearly 400 quality figures, over 240 in full color...with fully developed plans for commercial space...technical data on code on installation...and product information from door closers to walls and ceilings to furniture and accessories. Building owners will clearly see how function and aesthetics can work together in an integrated design plan - where beautiful and barrier free are not mutually exclusive terms.

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Beautiful Universal Design:
A Visual Guide
Cynthia A. Leibrock and James Evan Terry
(Honorable Mention: Polsky Prize for Literature)

Following in the successful footsteps of the award winning book, Beautiful Barrier Free, universal design experts Cynthia Leibrock and James Evan Terry present a fresh generation of flexible design solutions in Beautiful Universal Design. The book is enhanced by over 400 quality illustrations, most in full color...with fully developed case studies of the best examples of universal design. The coverage of these full design installations is combined with an in-depth examination of individual elements that range from exterior landscaping details to interior finishes, furnishings, signage, and more. This superb visual guide is an inspiring idea resource to creatively integrate people of all ages and abilities.

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